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Dec 01 2010

Pope Benedict and the Condom Controversy

By Fr. Linus F. Clovis PhD Spiritual Director of FLI

The international news headline "Pope approves use of condoms - sometimes" was described as an earthquake in the Church. When I heard of it, I was both amused and incredulous and responded "Impossible!" Reviewing the media reports, I was even more amused by the desperate spin that oozed out of the articles written on the subject. Of course, there is a poor understanding of things Catholic in media circles and, sadly, even among Catholics, which only adds to the confusion.

In this current condom controversy, it is absolutely necessary to go back to what the Holy Father actually said, the manner and context in which he said it and to whom he said it. In the interests of brevity, I shall summarily deal with the last three points, but explore the first in depth.

Nov 29 2010

On the feast of the HOLY INNOCENTS

By Dr Claude Newbury FLI-South Africa

On the feast of the HOLY INNOCENTS the Church commemorates those little children who were slaughtered by Herod more than two thousand years ago.

Herod so feared the newborn Christ Child, the prophesied King of the Jews, whom he believed would supplant him that he ordered the killing of all male children in the area of Bethlehem under the age of two years. In this way he felt sure that he would be able to kill the little baby Jesus and thereby be able to maintain his own despotic rule and authority.

Nov 24 2010

Pope Benedict Misquoted on Condoms -- Again

The ruthless promotion of condoms by Western government and international organizations is responsible for millions of deaths in Africa from AIDS-related diseases. Throughout this tragedy, the Church and its leaders have stood foursquare against this lethal approach, arguing that abstinence and fidelity are the only sure defenses against AIDS. Unfortunately, poor editing at the Vatican newspaper has given the bad guys a propaganda opening to suggest—wrongly—that the Pope himself had somehow endorsed condoms.

Pope Benedict Misquoted on Condoms -- Again

by Colin Mason and Steven W. Mosher

This past weekend, in a particularly embarrassing journalistic feeding frenzy, the mainstream media fell all over itself to see who could most egregiously misquote Pope Benedict XVI.

Nov 09 2010

Pope defends family as Spanish gays hold 'kiss-in'



Pope Benedict XVI strongly defended traditional families and the rights of the unborn Sunday, directly attacking Spanish laws that allow gay marriage, fast-track divorce and easier abortions as he dedicated Barcelona's iconic church, the Sagrada Familia.

Nov 09 2010

Byerly: Temperature analysis casts doubt on global warming

November 6, 2010

Nearly two years ago, I undertook a major project to evaluate long-time annual average temperatures from several hundred official weather reporting locations. At the beginning of this study, I already had a few locations which met the criteria I had set for this particular evaluation, i.e., no missing years for 1900-1999.

The plan was to use a minimum of one location from each of the 48 contiguous states. But if the state had more than 10,000 square miles, one additional location would be added for each extra 10,000 square miles -- up to a maximum of 10 locations for any given state.

Nov 07 2010

Amnesty the international the pro-killing of unborn children lobby group, demands Repeal of Indonesia's laws to protect the unborn child

7th November 2010

Amnesty International has demanded that the government abolish laws which restrict the killing of the unborn. It was only a few years ago Amnesty International changed in policy on abortion and has now become a leading advocate of population control and the killing of unborn children.

Isabelle Arradon, Amnesty’s Indonesia researcher, said the human rights watchdog has sent an open letter to the government, asking it to repeal all law restricting pertaining to the killing of the unborn child through abortion. In Amnesty’s opinion the unborn child has no right to continue to exist if the mother does not want to continue with the pregnancy.

Nov 07 2010


1. "There's no such thing as absolute truth. What's true for you may not be true for me."

People use this argument a lot when they disagree with a statement and have no other way to support their idea. After all, if nothing is true for everyone, then they can believe whatever they want and there's nothing you can say to make them change their minds.

But look at that statement again: "There's no such thing as absolute truth." Isn't that, in itself, a statement that's being made absolutely?

In other words, it applies some rule or standard to everyone across the board -- exactly what the relativists say is impossible. They have undone their own argument simply by stating their case.

Nov 06 2010

Vatican Cardinal Fears Church Will be Brought before International Court for Defense of Life and Family

Also Says Embryonic Stem Cell Researchers Excommunicated Just Like Abortionists

By John-Henry Westen

VATICAN CITY, June 28, 2006 ( - In an interview published in the June 27 issue of Famiglia Christiana magazine, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, said that those involved in embryonic stem cell research which kills human embryos are excommunicated.

Nov 06 2010

Why we are losing the HIV war

Pastor Martin Sempa

Kampala leads the nation in HIV/AIDS prevalence" was the headline last week. How things have changed! It used to be Rakai, Masaka in the late 1980s. It is shocking that in the last few years, the rates have been slowly but steadily climbing up to 6.2-6.5% and then on to 7%. What are we missing in our new millennium AIDS campaign?

Nov 06 2010

Pope is right on Islam

At the height of the war in Lebanon two months ago, an assortment of Arabs, British Muslims, radical socialists and bleeding heart liberals marched through the streets of London with placards proclaiming "we are all Hezbollah." Since Pope Benedict XVI delivered his scholarly but contentious lecture in Regensburg last Wednesday, an equally unlikely assortment of individuals bound by a common distaste for Islamist terrorism have been whispering the counter-proclamation: "We are all Papists now."

Before rushing to take rival positions in the trench warfare of civilisations, it is prudent to remember that the contemporary Islamist assault on the "decadent" West, epitomised by "American imperialism", has long enjoyed the backing of influential Muslim theologians. This is, perhaps, the first time that the philosophical gulf between Islam and Western civilisation has been delineated by someone who wields authority in the Christian world.

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