School Talks

School Talks

Objectives of the Family Life Chastity Programme

FLI has developed a chastity programme, to help young people live pure and holy lives.  This programme is not a sex education programme. It promotes Christian values and the virtue of chastity, which can only be thought of in association with the virtue of true love. We have learnt that with the right formation and the support of their parents, young people can learn to appreciate that sex is truly sacred and a gift reserved for their spouse.

The program provides a framework that:

Reflects on what it means to be a human person, acknowledging God’s design from a physical and spiritual view.
Fosters an understanding of relationships from a Christian perspective.
Helps young people to live a pure life by recognising the difference between love and lust.
Gives the students a sound understanding of chastity and why it is important.
Strengthens attachment to Christian values such as marriage, virginity, purity and modesty.

By using this framework to inform and educate students, it is possible to bring about significant changes in behaviour. The aim is to demonstrate to young people that Christian values can hold them in good stead throughout their lives.

How does the Family Life Programme Help?

The Family Life Education Programme is based around developing a Christian values; the programme encourages an appreciation of freedom, respect, friendship and security. These values are more likely to stay in the hearts and minds of the students as they make their choices later in life. This approach takes advantage of this valiant ideal of our human personality and gives students the inner strength to choose right over wrong, even when beset by circumstances such as peer pressure, poor example and a secular environment.

In order to keep our children safe from emotional and physical harm that they may flourish in their education, heath and social dimensions, we need to teach them the truth and give them moral guidelines so they may choose wisely and correctly. By knowing how to make good choices, this approach gives the young the best protection from the ills now ravaging our society.

The programme will help students to develop skills such as decision-making, assertiveness and the ability to recognise pressures from other people and to resist them; it will help them to be more discerning about information they receive from media and peers. The programme also helps to equip young people with the skills necessary in order to differentiate between a range of moral and social issues such as excessive drink, drugs, promiscuous behaviour, abortion and other social ills.

Where parents are involved the Programme can also provide information so that they can recognise the moral and physical dangers threatening their children and develop ways in which they can better help and support their sons and daughters through adolescence.