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9th November 2019

Peaceful Prayer Procession with a Mourning Ceremony at Westminster Bridge

500 Crosses for Life is the City of London's Peaceful Public Prayer Procession with white Crosses held on the Saturday before Remembrance Sunday which we call Remembrance Saturday for we aim to remember the tiny innocents that have fallen in a global struggle.  

We start from Westminster Cathedral at 13:30.  There will be a mourning ceremony on Westminster Bridge for unborn children that die in abortion, for their mothers and fathers, for the doctors and support staff and the politicians who support and enable the taking of innocent human life.  The procession ends on Parliament Square and will retreat to the forecourt of  Westminster abbey before the plaque laid there for the fallen innocent in war.  

In the UK around 500 unborn babies are killed every day and 500 mother's are wounded.  Few know how many father's suffer in this shameful tragedy. Many doctors abuse their conscience and profession to try and satisfy Satan's desire for innocent human blood. 

Like Pontius Pilate who tried  to wash his hands of innocent blood, most of our politicians' hands are drenched in this innocent blood along with the mercenary organisations like Marie Stopes and BPAS that profit from the killing.  We do not judge anyone since we do not know their situation yet it is for all these that we process and pray that Our Lord's Divine Mercy may be granted for they do not know the gravity of what they are doing.

If your heart is touched by this tragedy, if your mind is disturbed by this horror and if you soul has compassion for the innocent and the mislead then come and plead with us to Our Lord to end the industrialisation of taking innocent human life in the capital of the 1st democracy to embrace it.

There is no doubt that this industry will be destroyed and its work will be laid bare for all to see.  We will all cover our eyes even as the stench seers though our nostrils and tears flood down our cheeks as we sob in horror, the only difference is will you be on the side of wilful blindness or on your knees in prayer; and how will your actions be seen in heaven?   

Come and pray for we all need the mercy of Jesus Christ to be poured on us as our very own history bears witness to our judgments, deeds and lack of compassion.  Bring your family and friends and even strangers, put out a call for hope is still alive, truth is ever present and love is given free.

"500 Crosses for Life" is a coalition initiative of "Europrolife stands for European Voice of the Uborn Children: Protect Our Life"  

Represents 21 Euopean nations (December 2017)

Contact Us for Information  020 8857 9950 or europrolifeuk@gmail.com