Our Lord is accused of being in league with devils by the pharisees when he casts out devils.
All the priests stand at their duty every day, offering sacrifices, over and over again which are
God has given each person with gifts and blessings.
Our Lord has a destiny for each and everyone of us.
The Gospel details Our Lord calling His first four ‘Apostles’.
‘Beelzebub is in him’ and ‘It is through the Prince of devils, that he casts devils out’.
Our Lord performed His first miracle in the synagogue (according to Mark’s Gospel) casting out de
We have been given a gift, a precious faith which we have received at baptism.
Our faith is important, your believing means that other people will receive grace.
In the time of Noah, the ark was being built, but people were eating, drinking, taking wives and
After Our Lord, having delivered the beatitudes on the mount, He came down and immediately a lepe
Our Blessed Lord having been baptised, beginning His redemption of the Human race, starts off by
Our Lord reaches the shores of Galilee, we are told that He then went up into the hills.
And so the Church today begins a new liturgical year.
St Paul in the first letter to the Thessalonians tell us that, urges that we should make more and