The feast of the presentation of our Blessed Lady is in commemoration of the dedication of the te
Our most blessed Saviour had gone into Jerusalem; this is the last year of his life on earth.
On this the forth Sunday of Advent, the Church gives us the visitation of our Blessed Lady to Eli
We live in an age, where idealism, elitism is frowned upon.
Our Lord, as we just said, washed His disciple’s feet which had scandalised Peter.
Our Lord gave the Apostles the same mission that He received from His Father.
Our Lord had used many images to describe Himself.
Our Lord had said to the disciples, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled.
The Lord had gathered the disciples at the beginning of His ministry.
Our Lord called Himself the true vine.
If we are to gain fruit from reading the scriptures, then we must do so prayerfully.
Our Lord had called Himself the vine and we the branches.
Making His way down to the Kedron Valley to the garden, Our Lord speaks more and more clearly, op