Our Lord had just spoken about the period for His second coming and how it would be like the days
In this the third talk on Fatima, I’m going to focus on something that two Popes have said about
Always we begin by invoking the Holy Spirit, so that He Himself might speak to us.
I think we all would agree that we live in extraordinary times.
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Today we celebrate the annunciation of Our Lord.
The Eucharist is a vast topic, it is essentially about God Incarnate, Christ who dwells amongst u
This evening I wanted to explore the Eucharist as a sacrament and a sacrifice.
Our blessed Lord speak to us, His little flock. He tells us, we ought not to be afraid.
We are now in the month of November, and the Churches liturgical year is winding down to its end
When our Blessed Lady came to Fatima a hundred years ago, in June of that year, as she was about