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There was a great British writer called G K Chesterton and he said, the difficulty I have in explaining why I am Catholic, is because there are ten thousand reasons, but all those reasons amount to one, Catholicism is true. Mr Chesterton believed in the Holy Catholic Church, I believe in the Holy Catholic Church and indeed we have reached this article of our faith today, which is I believe in the Holy Catholic Church. We are going to look at these three parts of this article of faith today. We’re going to start back to front. Church, what does church mean? It’s a translation of the Latin word ecclesia, which is a translation of the Greek word ekklesia, which means to call out from, to assemble to convocated, it means convocation, convocation of who? The Holy people of God, why are they Holy, because the assembly to which they belong is Holy. I believe in the Holy Catholic Church. Why is she Holy? Well, Our Lord is the fount and source of all holiness, right? But our Lord is present in the Church, like no other organisation. That’s why St. Paul calls the Church the body of Christ. His Church, His Body. This Church, this Ecclesia, this body of Christ is an instrument by which Christ sanctifies the world, by those who want to be sanctified… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.