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The passion of our Blessed Lord is at many levels, certainly there is physical in the physical treatment or ill treatment or the abuse that He received. But there is also the spiritual passion, because our Lord suffered for us, for love of us, to free us from our sins and save us from death. There is also the emotion passion of our Lord that those whom He loved abandon Him. There is of course the physiological as well, because our Lord is not only God, He is also man. So all of the sufferings we go through, our Lord went through as well and to an even greater degree. He didn’t just suffer as one man, but He suffered for the whole human race, for every single human being, so all of our sufferings are really contained in His. This is true for the Church universal; we are members of the Church. So the Church also has Her own passion. Certainly in our time, we know what the passion of the Church is. We see how She is lacerated, how those who are the successors to the Apostles seem to be running away. They may not physically run away, but by their silence they have run away, at the very time when we need to hear their voice on so many issues. The world rejoices to see the Church lacerated, beaten, defeated. And so it is incumbent upon to continue to pray. And like the holy women to remain at the foot of the cross on which the Church is being crucified. We look particularly to visible head of the Church, the successor of St. Peter. And so we turn to St. Peter and see how he himself behaved on that first Good Friday... For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.