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As you heard the passion was long and I shan’t lengthen your passion with a long sermon but just a reflection. Our Lord came into the world to redeem us. His work of redemption was essentially His suffering, death on the cross. He spent thirty years of hidden life, three years of ministering publically, three hours sufferings. The most important part of His life was those three hours, because that’s where our actual redemption was worked out. St Paul tells us that we have to work out our redemption with fear and trembling. So the two things for us to work out our salvation, the two things required fear and trembling, and of course we don’t hear that very often in our world. We are told we shouldn’t be afraid of God, of course that is madness. We should be afraid of God, there are two kinds of fear; there is filial fear, fear of offending God because He is our Father. There is servile fear, fear of offending Him because He can punish us. So we need to keep these two in mind. These two kinds of fear, also kinds of love perhaps are reflected in two of the apostles, Peter and Judas. There is incredible contrast between the two. He knew what was in each of them, He knew the weakness each one has, He also knew their strengths. He warned both of them of the danger in which they stood. He continually warned Judas at the multiplication of the loaves. He said ‘Didn’t I choose you the twelve, yet one of you is a devil.’... For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.