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Today the Church celebrates the feast of the most holy and glorious Trinity, one of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. In fact, if one does not believe in the Trinity, one cannot be a Christian. The very definition of a Christian is one who believes in the Trinity because it is from this mystery that all the others flow.

When we talk about the mysteries of God, it is not in the sense of something that cannot be known. But rather it is a truth that is slowly being revealed to us. Yet because we are creatures and therefore finite, we cannot grasp the full depth of the mystery. We cannot understand the full truth. If we think about it when we were children how did we learn? We didn’t learn everything all at once, but we were given truths bit by bit. We were told of the realities that exist in small amounts and it was on this that we built the foundation of our knowledge. So when we look at children, their books, usually have very large print, the words are simple and there are pictures to assist them in understanding the story. That’s where the mystery is, the mystery is in the story and as we understand the story we penetrate into the mystery. Even the story has various levels, our Lord Himself used that very method to teach, when He spoke the parables. We could grasp the story immediately, but then as we break it open we see there are other truths underlying it.

So the mystery of the Trinity is this, essentially, it is the revelation of God’s inner life… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.