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If we are to gain fruit from reading the scriptures, then we must do so prayerfully. We must find a quite place into which do so prayerfully. We must invoke the Holy Spirit and of course we must read the sacred scriptures, with devotion and attention. In the scriptures it is Christ Himself who speaks to us. And every word that He says is of importance. And therefore we should even pay attention to the words that He uses. For example in today’s Gospel He tells us, ‘If anyone loves me he will keep My word.’ He puts it in the singular, no divisions, no multiplications, just my word. And the reward He promises is, ‘My Father will love Him, and We shall come to Him, Father and Son and We will make Our home with him’. So in keeping Christ’s word undivided, whole and entire, we obtain the love of the Father Himself and we obtain the communication of Father and Son inasmuch as They come to us and we in Them. Or in other words we share in the divine nature.

What about those who do not love him, He says ‘Those who do not love Me, do not keep My words.’ He puts it in the plural. Because the first sign of a lack of love is to nit pick, to divide, to make distinctions, to drift away bit by bit. And this in fact is the sad experience of our first parents in the garden… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.