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Our Lord invites us to prayer. Prayer is the means by which we are in touch with the reality or to put it more clearly the truth. God is truth; God is the only reality that exists. We exist only because God has brought us into existence. He has not only destined us for this world, but our destiny lies in knowing Him face to face. Seeing Him as He is and being able to love Him in His essence.

How does this come about, it begins because the Son of God, entered into our world. Our Lord in the Gospel said to the disciples and of course to us that ‘You believe that I have come from God and that the Father has sent Me’ which is in fact a declaration of His divinity. I have come from God and this is what we profess in our creed, God from God, light from light, true God from true God. This is His internal generation within the blessed trinity. From all eternity the Father begets His Son, His Son is His own self knowledge. And this begetting of the Son, the perfect copy of His invisible image as St. Paul tells us that the Father loves, He loves the Son with an infinite love, the very love that is His being. And because the Son is the perfect image the Son loves the Father as Our Lord says elsewhere in St. Johns Gospel. And how does the Son love the Father, but in exactly the same manner that the Father loves the Son… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.