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Our Lord called Himself the true vine. The true vine that brings forward sweet fruity, the vine that brings forth the blood, that inebriates and gives eternal life. And this vine, also known as His mystical body, also known as the Church, includes each and every one of us. He has called us after all, the branches of this vine. And the fruit that comes from Him passes through us, or better still, we bear that fruit. When we think about it, the sap in the vine passes through the branches, the branches themselves do not produce the sap. And when we compare it to ourselves life comes through Him, He is life. We don’t have life of our own, but rather the life we have, the true life we have comes from Him. Equally the joy He spoke about is essentially His, and He shares it with us. So when He says, I am the true vine and the Father is the vine dresser, He is telling us that in His human nature He is the vine and we because of our human nature are grafted into Him. But the one who ensures that we remain in Him is none other than the Father who is the Lord of all and the source of every good. In this grafting He tells us that there are seven benefits that we receive because we are the branches… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.