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The Lord had gathered the disciples at the beginning of His ministry. He had chosen them, each one individually. This choice was of the divine will. Even Judas had been chosen. He had been chosen to do what was necessary. Likewise Peter was chosen. When Andrew brought his brother Peter to the Lord, saying we have found the Messiah, the One Moses had spoken about. He brought Peter to the Lord, the Lord looking at Peter, at least it was Simon as he was then, said ‘You are Simon, you are to be called Peter.’ So the Lord with His disciples spent some two years working miracles to prove the truth of what He taught. He encountered some opposition from the authorities, who refused to accept Him and more importantly to accept what He said. He pleaded with them ‘If you do not believe Me, at least accept what I say because of the signs.’

So the Lord decided the time had come now to choose the leader of the little band of the Apostles or more correctly to choose the rock on which to build His Church. So moving away from the centre of Judea into pagan or at least close to pagan territory, He asked the disciples, ‘Who do men say the son of man is?’ Our Lord had identified Himself as the son of man and He asked the question. The disciples had been with Him for a couple of years, they had heard Him, they had heard His teaching, they had seen the signs, the miracles. What’s the opinion of the crowd, who hadn’t seen everything He had done? The Apostles respond… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.