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Our Lord had said to the disciples, ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still, and trust in me’, in this way declaring His equality with the Father. For, if we trust in God as He commands and also trust in Him with that same trust, then there must be equality. He’s given peace, He says, ‘My peace I bequeath to you, My own peace I give to you.’ His peace is that divine peace, that divine harmony that exists between Father, Son and Holy Spirit and this is what He confers to us. It is evident that we cannot give something we ourselves do not have. So if He gives it, we know that its source must be from the very bosom of the Holy Trinity. This peace became manifest first of all in the holy family on the night when He entered into our world. The angels descended from Heaven singing ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace to those of good will.’ So it’s this same peace from the blessed Trinity, through the holy family, in Himself that He confers on us. He makes it clear that it’s not the kind of peace that the world gives. The best the world can give us is tranquility, but not peace. It can give us a sense of safety, more by an absence of difficulties and of war. But it cannot give us this peace that our lord speaks of. A peace which begins with first and foremost a reconciliation with God. That means freedom from sin… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.