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Our Lord had used many images to describe Himself. In His relationship to us, He is the gate of the sheepfold, He is the good shepherd, He is the light that comes into the world, which dispels the darkness. He is the lamp, but here He calls Himself the true vine. The fact that He adds the adjective true, tells us that there is another vine. This other vine in fact Israel and about Israel the prophet complained, I planted a vine, instead of bearing fruit it bore sour grapes. But Our Lord is the true vine. He is the true vine in regard to His humanity. As Israel was to be the means by which God would redeem the world and failed, in as much as the Apostles said, our fathers were unable to observe the law. Our Lord who is the true vine obeyed His Father even unto death and therefore He is the true vine producing the fruit the Father wanted. So He is the true vine and at the same time, His Father, our Father is the vine dresser. So, in His humanity, He is the true vine, in His divinity He is the vine dresser… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.