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We live in an age, where idealism, elitism is frowned upon. It seems as if everything has been dragged down and our religion with it. So that, even the idea of saying that Christianity is different from every other religion, is regard as a kind of arrogance. Nevertheless it is true, and this is something we need to remember, that the founder of Christianity, the giver of Truth is Himself God, that He claimed to be God. There is no other founder of any religion which has every made the claim to be God. The best that they could say is that they are prophets. Even in the Old Testament which also comes from the true God. Moses made no claim to be God, he saw himself merely as a prophet, one who was entrusted with a task, one who was sent. The apostles likewise never claimed to be God, but rather they claimed to be servants. To be ones who were sent by He who came to redeem us… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio