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The feast of the presentation of our Blessed Lady is in commemoration of the dedication of the temple in the Jerusalem. The temple of course to our Blessed Lady was built in the year 543AD. Our Lady’s presentation of course corresponds very much to the presentation of Our Lord in the temple. The presentation of the child to God, was an acknowledgement that God had given to the parents a gift. In the case of our Blessed Lady, she was the greatest gift to the human race, in as much as she was to be the mother of the Saviour. She of all creatures was to have a unique relationship to the Blessed Trinity. In as much, she is the most excellent daughter of the Father, the mother of the Son and of course the temple of the Holy Spirit.

On one occasion, our Lord was preaching and He worked a miracle casting out daemons. Some Pharisees said that it was through the power of Beelzebub that He cast out daemons. The Lord immediately went on to warn them about blasphemy, that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, because they were attributing a good work to the power of the evil one. He then went on to say that if satan cast out satan his kingdom is divided. And it is whilst He was saying this that some people came and said to Him, Your mother and Your relatives are outside and they wish to speak to You. The Lord immediately responds and says ‘Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?’ and stretching out His hands toward His disciples, ‘Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the will of My Father in heaven is My mother and My brother’. So our Lord teaches us that it is not the relationships of the flesh that matter but those of the spirit. In other words everything we do should be referred to God and God alone. The source of all of our actions should be the intention to please God. No other creature did this more perfectly than our Blessed Lady… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.