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The Saviour offers a universal invitation, ‘come to me’. And then He describes those in particular whom He wishes to come, ‘all you who labour and overburdened’. And He promises us a reward or a consolation for our journey to Him, ‘I will give you rest’. And so the first thing we ask is, what is this labour? What is this burden? Oh, not burden, but overburden... We work… Our works which are not the works of God - and consequently we carry a burden which does not belong to God. We carry our own burden, the talent of lead, that is spoken of by the prophet. Sin is a talent of lead, it is our work. And so the Lord tells us, because we are struggling, fighting, doing our own will and reaping a harvest of it - that we should come to Him. And what does He say that He gives us, He’s offering us a burden, but it is not the kind of burden which is overbearing, it is a light burden. And from this we learn that necessarily we have to carry a burden. The choice is who’s? Ours? Or His? But He goes even further than this because He explains what is required of us. ‘Shoulder My yoke and learn from Me, for I am meek and humble in heart’. So we need to shoulder His yoke. But, what is a yoke? A yoke is an instrument that beasts of burden are joined together – so that they may share the workload. So He is saying that He has become like one of us, that is a beast. But beasts are made to carry burdens, so He is offering us, His own burden, namely the cross. And He’s saying take your cross on your shoulders and your cross is My cross, because there is only one cross for those who serve the Lord. Christ Himself is carried it. ‘Shoulder My yoke and learn from Me’, what are we to learn? Submission to God, that is the first thing because Christ came to undo the sin of... For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.