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Many people don’t describe themselves as Christians, but they say that they believe in God. We ask a fair question, what kind of God do you believe in, can you describe this God to me. And most of the time you’ll get an answer along the lines of, well I believe in a spirit, a force, an influence in the universe that manifests itself in human beings and their religious aspirations. Well these people are wittingly or knowingly believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit that we’ll talk about today. But they don’t believe in the Father and the Son. But this wouldn’t be the first error about God or the Trinity or the Holy Spirit, we’ve talked about these in the past, we’ve talked about Tritheism which says that the Holy Spirit is just one of three different god’s each operating in their own sphere of influence. We’ve heard about Subordinationism and Aryanism where the Holy Spirit and indeed the Son are inferior to God the Father subordinated to Him. We’ve heard about Modalism which states that the Holy Spirit is just one of the ways which God manifested Himself throughout history. In the Old Testament times, they say He manifested Himself as God the father, in the New Testament times they say He manifested Himself as the Son and after Christ descended into Heaven, He manifested Himself as the Holy Spirit. Wrong, wrong, three times wrong… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.