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We are good people. But we all know, that just as it’s hard to become better, it’s very easy to become worse. We know that we become better by the practise of virtue, God makes us the light of the world the salt of the earth. But we become worse by the practice of vice. Over the last year and a half since I got here, I have had the occasion to talk about sin and vice. I have been very surprised at the reception with which people have accepted this topic. It takes humble people to accept humiliations. Every time we talk about sin and vice, there is an accusation for all of us because none of us are perfect. So frankly I’m a little humbled, that it’s been received so well. Difficult topics. However, as I promised a couple of weeks ago we’re going to turn that over now. Let’s put vice aside for a while and concentrate on that beautiful aspect, which is virtue, virtue. I want us to know more about it, I want us to love it, I want each and everyone of us to be more virtuous. So what will we say about virtue. We’ll say what it is, how we can obtain it, why we should obtain it, why it’s necessary. Not only for salvation in that life, but because it’s very useful in this life. Any virtue, the virtues. But first a little bit of background. All of us have habits, some good and some bad. Habits that we have acquired through routines through the repetition of certain actions. Bad actions form bad habits, and bad habits form vices. A person smokes one or two cigarettes a day, ok it’s not the end of the world. Ten years later, that grows to 10, 20 30 a day… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.