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Our blessed Lord speak to us, His little flock. He tells us, we ought not to be afraid. For the simple reason that our Father has given us a Kingdom. In another place He tells us that, towards the end of His life when He speaks the parable of the Great Judgement, how the sheep and goats will be separated, He says take as your possession the Kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the World. In another place He tells us that God’s Will is our salvation. St. Paul tells us, God does not wish anyone to be lost. He did not create Hell for us but for the devil. There are some very foolish people that believe God has made some for salvation and others for damnation. No, all of us are meant to inherit the Kingdom, but it is left all to our free choice. And knowing this we should not be afraid we should have confidence and faith in God Who wishes our salvation… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.