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Our Lord sending His Disciples out, not only gives them the ability to preach the Gospel but He also gives them warnings against what they’re going to encounter. And He adds now, He finally promises to the completion of the task. So He says first of all to remind them that they are His Disciples, we are His Disciples and so we should not expect any better treatment than Our Master Himself received. The Disciple is not superior to His teacher, nor the slave to his master. It is enough that the Disciple should grow to be like his teacher, the slave like his master. What did the Master suffer? He suffered calumny, people ill speaking Him, a tribute in the good that He did to the power of evil, criticised Him, obstructed Him, blocked Him, constantly trying to undermine the good that He did. He sent us out as servants, more than servants; even as friends and so we should expect to receive the same treatment. The good that we attempt in Christ’s name, will be opposed by the world flesh and the devil. So He says, “Even when you see opposition, when you face opposition, when you encounter opposition, do not be discouraged because of it but rather know since you are lambs among wolves that your task is simply to convert the wolf by the virtues of meekness of humility, patience, endurance.” So He says do not be afraid of them, do not be afraid of the opposition for the reason He gives, for the reason that you should not be afraid is that everything covered will be uncovered… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.