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Does God have favourites? And of course we know from the Scriptures which we should always quote, we know from the Scriptures, “God has no favourites”. However, the Scriptures also go on to say that, “Anyone who has a sincere heart and sincerely seeks God is acceptable to Him.” However God does choose certain people and certain groups of people to perform special functions for Him and these functions are called vocations. We should never mix up the idea of vocation with salvation. They are two quite independent things. A vocation is a calling to do a particular work for God for the salvation of ourselves but more important, of others. A vocation is given by God freely. Being acceptable to God is essentially a disposition of the heart. Are we available to Him so that we might fulfil His will and in so doing, become Holy which is what God requires of all of us, “Be Holy as I, your God am Holy”. In the case of a vocation we’re called to do something in addition to. Now if we fail to do that which we are called to do, we will be punished for it, it’s as simple as that. Saint Paul himself, says that much, “If I do not preach as I’ve been commanded to preach, I will be punished.” So we can say that the vocation in fact is a responsibility. Now God shows individuals such as Abraham. What did he choose him for? To be a father of a multitudes. All those who believe in God, would be the children of Abraham, because Abraham sets an example… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.