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Christ the King

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  • Description: In the days in which we live, the idea of kingship is somewhat strange. It is regarded as antiquated, different kind of government and I would imagine few people would want to go back to the age of kings. But then when we look at the alternative, that of democracy, we see that even that is not exactly ideal. In fact we could even say, considering the current political landscape that democracy is not such a good idea after all, because we find that the rule of the majority is not necessarily and indeed in our time, is not exactly mesh with the law of God. Fallen human nature, seeks liberty, freedom from every law and every restrictions. Whereas that of the reign of the kings was very much different, that didn’t mean that the kings were exempt from faults as we well know, many of them were tyrants. In God’s plan, kingship had a particular purpose. The king was responsible for his people and he was to ensure that there was administration of justice and the people were lead in righteousness. This meant essentially that the king’s job was to ensure that there was sound morals in the country. In most cultures, the king was regarded as a son of god. Or some cases god incarnate. But of course as we know the kings were human just as all of us are and for some they could not handle that kind of power. What does that have to do with the feast of the kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ?… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.


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