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There is a sense of expectation, He is the Messiah

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  • Description: This parable we just heard is similar to the parable of the talents, but different. Different in its sense and its meaning and to some extent in details. When our Lord speaks a parable we have to understand the context and to whom He is speaking. Of course He is always speaking to us but the time that He first spoke the first parable we look at those people who heard Him and what they would have drawn out of what He would have said. We heard our Lord was going to Jerusalem and that He passed through Jericho. He approached the town and then He was in the town and now He’s left and He’s continued up to Jerusalem. The crowds are following Him, many of them have seen the miracles. There is a sense of expectation, He is the Messiah, He’s finally going to get rid of the foreigners, the Romans in particular. He’s going to re-establish the House of David, the Kingdom of Israel and everything will be great because now we will finally be independent which is what God always wants for us. This is what the people are thinking. The Disciples are not that much different, they have been chosen by our Lord and they have been promised the thrones of which they will sit, they will judge the tribes of Israel and they were expecting a worldly kingdom. Although our Lord said that my Kingdom is not of this kind. Our Lord uses in this parable incidence in history, with which they would have been familiar and at the same time applies it to Himself with the application of His going to Jerusalem… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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