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The Miraculous Medal

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  • Description: Ave Maria! In the beginning, at least the first third of the nineteen century, 1830, a young girl just in her early twenties entered the convent in Rue De Bac. She had joined the Daughters of Charity an order founded by St. Vincent de Paul. Her name was Zoe Laboure. Zoe was the ninth of eleven children of her parents, who were farmers and were fairly well to do. At the age of nine, her mother died and Zoe who was pious, stood on a little stool and picked up a statue of Our Lady which was kept on the mantle and said to her, ‘From now on you will be my Mother’. She began at that early age of nine to cultivate an ever growing love for the Mother of Jesus and of course our most gentle queen and Mother. She was looked after by her aunt and then she returned at about the age of sixteen where she took over the chores of the household. She would go to mass everyday, getting up from bed at four o’clock in the morning and walking to the church, where she would devoutly attend mass. And of course we shouldn’t be surprised, her devotion increased so that she felt that she herself was called to serve God in her religious life. Her father was not happy about it, who would look after the household. But she also cultivated a very practical spiritual life, it wasn’t just the matter of attending mass and praying. She also made it a point of her spiritual life to visit and look after the sick. On one occasion, she had a dream where she saw an elderly priest saying the mass very devoutly and as she watch she felt as if she had seen this priest before. But she was equally certain that she had never seen him before. And he turned to her and beckoned her, but she ran away. He said to her, ‘You run away from me now, but one day you will come to me.’ She decided finally, and with her father’s agreement to enter the convent. And so she went looking for the convent to which she had been called. Entering the parlour, she saw a picture of the priest in her dreams… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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