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Glorify God with our bodies and come forth in the Resurrection of Life

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  • Description: So this text gives us an opportunity to talk about the second last article of faith in the creed, ‘I believe in the resurrection of the body.’ But the context here is important to have in place. You see Jesus apart from being persecuted by Herod and his political allies, He was also persecuted by the two groups; one the Pharisees and the other the Sadducees. They had a common goal, the destruction of Jesus of Nazareth. But they were different in the practices and beliefs. The Pharisees we know, were men who were extreme hypocrites, many of them. There were people who were just a religious body, whereas the Sadducees, were religious and political. The Sadducees were the nobility and most of them were priests and they were big into politics and the religious life, particularly in the temple. The Pharisees, they followed the law of Moses, the Profits and about a thousand other little, tiny, minuscule rules and regulations for everyday life. The Sadducees weren’t interested in that. They followed the written rule of Moses and that was it. Again the Pharisees, believed in spirits, in Angels in the resurrection. The Sadducees did not believe in in spirits, in Angels in the resurrection. So they were quite different in the modus operandi, but had this common goal to destroy Jesus of Nazareth. Today it was the Sadducees that confront Jesus, the Pharisees having failed. They put this question to Him. A question which is meant to make belief in the resurrection seem ridiculous. They say ‘So if a woman marries one man and he’s gone, then she marries another man and he’s gone…’ For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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