Family Life


Family Life International (FLI) is an international partnership of Catholics working to promote and defend the sanctity of Life and to restore and maintain the preeminence of the traditional family as paramount in God’s plan.

It is well known that wherever children are welcomed in an environment replete with the blessings of love, truth and lifelong commitment, a Culture of Life is born. FLI, therefore, works to build strong families and to protect the life and human dignity not only of the unborn child but, also, that of the elderly and of the vulnerable.

Additionally, FLI also recognises the teaching authority of the Catholic Church in matters of Faith and Morals. From this platform, FLI equips young people to meet that challenges of modern society. To strengthen the family, FLI promotes chastity among the young, prepares parents for the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood, teaches Natural Family Planning and runs conference events to educate and inform the lay faithful. FLI’s mandate, also, includes working to save babies from abortion, informing women of the true nature of contraception and opposing the insidious onslaught of the population control movement that promotes abortion and contraception as methods of global “Family Planning.”