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500 Crosses for Life - Sat 11th Nov 2023

Defending the life of the unborn child.

EuroProLife: Prayer Procession, London


13:30 Start @ Westminster Cathedral

Peaceful Prayer Procession with a Mourning Ceremony at Westminster Bridge


Ends at Westminster Abbey at about 16:30

"500 Crosses for Life" is a coalition initiative of "EuroProLife stands for European Voice of the Unborn Children: Protect Our Life"

Represents 21 European nations 


Sinful outcomes of Synod on synodality?

It is a good to respond to the forthcoming Synod on synodality, which Pope Francis has convened in order ‘to rethink how the Church is run’ – indeed, it makes sense to do so, since this is ‘one way he hopes to address the issue of greater lay involvement in decision-making’ (Catholic Herald editorial, October 2021).

Toxic training? Boys given consent classes

Verulam boys school in St Albans, Hertfordshire ‘is holding consent classes for 14 and 15-year-olds after the murder of Sarah Everard and killing of Sabina Nessa’, in which topics ‘include sexual violence, domestic abuse and “cyber-flashing”’; Julie Richardson, the school’s first female head, ‘has teamed up with sexual abuse charity Survivors UK’, and the organisation’s Sam Thomson said the boys ‘“showed great maturity and seemed to take on board what we said”’, while Ms Richardson commented that the murders were ‘“trag

Green scary tale: population control to change climate change

Vivian Bowden writes: ‘Climate won’t alter unless world leaders do something to curb population growth’, claiming that ‘[o]ur population has surged over the last 20 years and we now have a mass shortage of housing, the NHS is struggling, schools don’t have enough places, police can’t cope, our roads are just car parks and, despite the flooding this year, we have water shortages.’ She concludes: ‘Our Government should cut immigration as promised and also limit all Child Benefit to two children per family’ (Letters, D

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