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No justice for a (pro-life) judge

President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, was ‘repeatedly’ questioned on her second day of confirmation hearings on ‘whether she would vote to overturn the criticial legal protection for abortion in America’; however, she ‘declined to clarify’ her ‘stance’ which, ‘while in line with precedent, did little to satisfy Democratic critics who feared her conservative views and strong Catholic faith could make her sympathetic to arguments that the technicalities of the [1973 Roe v.

Killing compassion in the care homes

The Care Quality Commission is investigating ‘[c]laims that care homes placed blanket “do not resuscitate” orders on residents at the height of the pandemic’; Compassion in Dying, ‘a charity’, has ‘called for an inquiry’ into the blanket use of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) and Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) orders, ‘saying that since March it had heard several reports of orders  being made for patients across a range of healthcare settings in a blanket fashion’ (“‘Do not resuscitate” orders at care homes investigated’, Telegraph, October 13, 20

Saint David Attenborough showered with honours for services to equality and diversity

Sir David Attenborough has been appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St Michael and St George in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list ‘for services to TV and conservation’ (‘Damehood is cherry on the cake for Mary Berry’, Telegraph, October 10, 2020).

Don’t trust me – I’m a doctor who would kill

In a poll of 29,000 British Medical Association members, ‘50 per cent of doctors and medical students believed medical professionals should be able to prescribe life-ending drugs for patients’, while ‘39 per cent of respondents opposed the suggestion’ and 11 per cent ‘were undecided’, prompting the speculation that ‘the shift in opinion could lead the union to drop the opposition it ha

Dismissed for sharing a Facebook petition against LGBT lessons

A pastoral assistant who was dismissed for sharing a Facebook petition ‘against LGBT lessons’ was ‘fairly sacked’ according to an employment tribunal; 44-year-old mother-of-two Kristie Higgs ‘was dismissed for gross misconduct’ by Farmor’s school in Fairford, Gloucestershire, ‘after sharing Facebook posts criticising plans to teach LGBT relationships in primary schools’ in 2018, also making ‘comments raising concerns about relationship education at her son’s Church of England school’, where pupils ‘were to learn about the No Outsiders in Our School programme.’

Ann Farmer: Trump vs Biden: the right to life vs the right to kill

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has pledged to ‘make Roe v Wade the “law of the land” if the landmark abortion law is overturned by a conservative majority in the US Supreme Court’, saying on Monday night that if Mr Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett is appointed: ‘“The only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That’s what I would do”’.  

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