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Paragraph 1884 of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” says that “those who govern human communities...should behave as ministers of divine providence.” The best basis on which they can do so is to believe in the divine. Truly-well-disposed people can, unwittingly, be agents of goodness, but although human nature is intrinsically imperfect the potential for ‘going off the rails’ seems likely to be greater in an atheist than in a theist. Therefore it is desirable that “those who govern human communities” should believe in God.

Priest appointed as pastoral director of Allen Hall Seminary in Westminster poses grave threat to the future of the Pro-Life struggle in Britain

The United Kingdom has been described as the epicentre of the culture of death. The international headquarters of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world’s greatest promoter of abortion and historic supporter of China’s forced abortion regime, is in London – and its deadly work has been massively funded for many decades by both Conservative and Socialist governments.

Abortion provider cries crocodile tears all the way to the bank

A report has found that ‘[w]omen are being pressured into having contraceptive implants and coils because doctors do not trust them to take the pill’; in a joint study with Lancaster University ‘and other charities’, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service found that the ‘young, from ethnic minorities or considered unsuitable parents may be disproportionately targeted’ for long-acting reversible contraception (LARC); many of them ‘struggle getting the contraceptive removed if they change their mind – with some only persu

Call the Midwife – or the abortionist, as art imitates life

According to Peter Hitchens, ‘It’s time to rename’ the BBC’s long-running series Call the Midwife, suggesting instead ‘Call the Abortionist’ - a ‘good way of making its transformation from engaging historical drama to relentless politically correct propaganda vehicle’; he says that ‘[y]et again, the fourth time by my count’, it has ‘waded into the abortion issue’, with the latest storyline showing the whole cast in favour of abortion, with one character even writing to The Times to support ‘making abor

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