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The male Pill: female equality or equality of ill-treatment?

A new male contraceptive currently under trial, Nesterone/Testosterone, is ‘tipped to become the first male hormonal contraceptive on the marker’; consisting of a gel applied to the skin which contains progestin, ‘a synthetic hormone also used in female contraceptives’, and synthetic testosterone, it switches off the testosterone production, thus preventing sperm production.  According to Dr John Reynolds-Wright, a clinical research fellow involved in the Edinburgh trial, the gel reduces the sperm count to ‘“less

Woke‌ ‌and‌ ‌‌the‌ ‌modern‌ ‌Pharisee

To be a social media pariah, or frowned upon by your peers, abused by your enemies, cancelled by your favourite platform, even fired by your employer,  are a few of the punishments meted out directly or indirectly by the High Priests of social media in today's beautiful, tolerant and free western world. Freedom of speech is out and subservient snivelling is in.

The care homes and the blanket DNR: the killing fields of Covid?

A Care Quality Commission survey has found that ‘[b]lanket “do not resuscitate” orders’ were ‘imposed on care home residents without their consent’ during the coronavirus pandemic, warning that the ‘“potentially unlawful” practice may still be going on’, and with over 500 such residents put under such DNRs, the health care regulator says ‘the true number is likely to be much higher because the majority of care providers did not respond’.

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