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Boris and the unicorn ban ending ‘LGBT conversion therapy’

Boris Johnson has announced that he ‘will end’ the ‘“repulsive”’ practice of ‘LGBT conversion therapy’ following the departure of ‘three of the Government’s equality advisers’, who resigned over a ‘lack of action’ on implementing such a ban. Although last year the Prime Minister said ‘that he wanted to ban the controversial “therapy”’, according to campaigners, ‘little action had been taken’.

Marking Mother’s Day in misery?

In a piece to mark Mother’s Day, Margarette Driscoll interviews women ‘whose IVF was put on hold due to Covid-19’ and tells ‘of the devastating impact’ on them, and of how ‘Mother’s Day is a bitter reminder of a year of paused fertility treatment’; she says that ‘for thousands of other women and couples undergoing fertility treatment, which will be felt all the more acutely today, as families celebrate Mother’s Day.’  

Poland and a woman’s right to kill: softly-spoken victim calls for more violence

In an interview with Matthew Day of the UK Telegraph, ‘Polish activist’ Marta Lempart ‘vows to continue’ her ‘anti-abortion rebellion’, with ‘[n]ationwide protests’ continuing after the introduction of an ‘almost complete ban on abortions’; the founder of Women’s Struke said that in the ‘course of protests she has been pepper sprayed and struck with a police baton’, and ‘also faces a number of criminal charges including causing an epidemiological threat during a pandemic by org

NSPCC and child welfare: smacks of hypocrisy?

Sir Peter Wanless, chief executive of the NSPCC, says ‘Britain has taken a “terrible backwards step” in its treatment of children’ during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown’, saying that while he had believed that ‘“as a nation, we were increasingly intolerant of the physical abuse of children”’, one ‘“of the most shocking things for me during this period has been that we have had young people coming to us who have experienced physical violence at the hands of family members around them and that feels like such a t

Trans lie imprisons us all

In an ongoing case, the Government policy of housing ‘trans women’ in female prison wings is being challenged by a female prisoner ‘who claims that she was sexually assaulted behind bars’; ‘FDJ’, who cannot be identified, ‘claims she was attacked in 2017 by a trans woman, known as J, who had convictions for “serious sexual offences against women”’ but was nevertheless ‘housed in the general population of a women’s prison’.

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