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Care homes chaos: killing under cover of Covid?

Care minister Helen Whately has announced Government plans for allowing relatives ‘to visit their loved ones in care homes “multiple times a week”’, sharing ‘further details of a pilot visiting scheme in an online update’; although it was ‘unclear’ when the scheme would start, earlier this week she ‘hinted that relatives of care home residents would be treated as key workers under the pilot scheme, to allow regular visits’, telling the joint science and technology and health and social care committees that ‘she wanted to enable regular visiting, “but it must be safe”’ (‘Care homes to allow

Aborting adoption? The ‘solution’ to unwanted children makes even more children unwanted

When Education Secretary Gavin Williamson recently spoke of his ‘plan to end “burdensome bureaucracy” in the adoption system’ and drew attention to the ‘“narrow-mindedness, or maybe even a snobbery, that only certain people fit the profile, only certain people can provide the loving home a child needs”’, he cited the case of Sandeep and Reena Mander, who tried to adopt a child via their local council agency, Adopt Berkshire, but were turned down because of their ‘cultural heritage’.

Equality and diversity for everyone – except you

After ‘months of campaigning’, a young woman with Down’s syndrome has been given ‘the green light’ to challenge Health Secretary Matt Hancock in the High Court on the law that allows disabled babies to be aborted up to birth; under her maiden name of Crowter, 25-year-old Heidi Carter is calling ‘for a judicial review to change the law’ based ‘on the grounds of discrimination against disabled people.’ Mrs Carter, who is bringing the legal challenge along with another individual with Down’s syndrome and his mo

Mary, Mother of the Church

Our Lady’s title Mother of the Church was first used by Saint Ambrose in the fourth century, by Popes Benedict XIV and Leo XIII and was formally conferred at Vatican II by Paul VI’s declaration “Mary Most Holy Mother of the Church, that is, of all the Christian people”.


Not in his nature? Attenborough’s nature shows ‘make people happier

A study from Exeter University has ‘found that people watching coral reef footage’ from Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II ‘felt happier and less bored than they did before’, seeming to show that ‘his nature programmes are now scientifically proven to be good for your mood’ (‘Attenborough’s nature shows are proven to make people “happier”’, Telegraph, October 14, 2020).

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