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  • Bobby Schindler
    Bobby Schindler | FLI Conference 2006

    Bobby Schindler is the brother of Terri Schiavo, who died by way of court-order of dehydration and starvation on March 31.2005. Bobby is an advocate for the disabled persons and has been a passionate and outspoken pro-life advocate, specifically in opposition to Euthanasia

  • Fr. Linus Clovis
    Fr Linus Clovis | FLI Conference 2006

    Fr. Linus Clovis PhD. was ordained by Pope John Paul II and went on the study Canon Law. Fr. Clovis single-handedly took on the fight against the legalisation of abortion in the Caribbean. He now serves as Spiritual Director for Family Life International.

  • Steve Mosher
    Steve Mosher | FLI Conference 2006

    Steve Mosher, President of Population Research Institute (PRI). Steve is a recognized expert on China. He is the author of several books including "A Mother's Ordeal - One Woman's Fight Against China's One-child Policy."