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Biden, the not-very-ordinary Joe and anti-democratic Democrat

Biden, the not-very-ordinary Joe and anti-democratic Democrat

Tim Stanley says that when Joe Biden’s press secretary was asked recently ‘what the President thinks about federal funding for abortion’, she said she would ‘get back to us on that, but she would like to “take this opportunity to remind all of you that Mr Biden is a devout Catholic and someone who attend church regularly”’ – as though that were enough to settle the question.


Mr Stanley comments that ‘the liberal argument around abortion’, in which it is ‘solely a matter of individual choice, simply doesn’t hold water, because pregnancy involves not just one life but two’, adding that as far as he is concerned, ‘this isn’t a theological issue, to be reduced to an academic debate between wings of a church. It’s a very human matter.’ He further observes that for the last year ‘we’ve sacrificed everything to save our fellow citizens, and rightly so’, but he ‘cannot square this veneration of life with turning a blind eye to abortion. I’m afraid that when you see the modern world through pro-life eyes, it doesn’t only look hypocritical. It looks nuts.’


And yet while it is hard to deny the hypocrisy charge, there is method in the madness of governments which, like our own, have relaxed the law to enable abortion pills to be through the post with just a cursory video ‘consultation’,  and whose zeal to protect lives from Covid has not always extended to residents of care homes; their ‘method’ is dictated by their motive, which is to save themselves and everything they hold dear, at the possible expense of people and things that they see as unimportant.


It seems Joe Biden can be included in this category, for he has already pledged to fund Planned Parenthood, America’s major abortion provider, and to enshrine the right to abortion in law, even though it is known that taxpayer subsidy for abortion results in more abortions, with a disproportionate number of them among poor/non-white women.


The hugely disproportionate numbers of black pregnancies ending in abortion is seen as pre-birth genocide by many black leaders, most notably Martin Luther King’s pro-life niece Alveda, who believes that all lives matter – ‘“abortion is the human rights issue of our time”’; however, since it involves what has become the Left’s sacred cow – although they tend to see cows as more sacred than humans - the only ‘right’ they are interested in is the unfettered right to eliminate those weaker than themselves - the unborn.


Biden, we are invited to believe, is a devout Catholic; he has even credited the nuns who taught him at school with inspiring him to run for president, but has pledged to persecute an order of nuns, the Little Sisters of the Poor, who refuse to provide health insurance for employees that includes cover for contraception and abortifacients.


This is the ‘tolerant’ Biden who has immediately enshrined ‘equality’ for self-identifying ‘trans’ individuals in the military and in social settings including sport, thus introducing intolerable conditions for women and girls by putting their safety at risk.


Biden is the ‘laid-back kinda guy’ who loves everyone but would have no mercy on the unborn while making nice with foreign dictators and terror regimes, from Iran to China.


 Far from an ‘ordinary guy’, Biden is merely the old-Left, ‘Catholic’ face of a Democrat party that no longer exists, and as he has already shown, will be happy to do the bidding of woke, far-Left wing pressure groups, from Black Lives Matter to climate change activists and feminists who demand abortion up to birth for any reason at all; indeed, he is already planning to overturn Donald Trump’s ban on using foreign aid as population control to fund abortions overseas.


However, since the numbers of woke, working class trans abortion advocates are severely limited, he has been trundled out to appeal to working class voters, even though in reality this ‘democrat’ is profoundly anti-democratic in using taxpayers’ money to limit the numbers of future voters, especially poor ones. Biden, the not-very-ordinary Joe, is simply an ordinary, everyday run-of-the-mill, anti-democratic Democrat.