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A pill for every ill? From birth control to death control at the pharmacy counter

A pill for every ill? From birth control to death control at the pharmacy counter

Under ‘“landmark”’ proposals by medical watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, two types of contraceptive pill may soon be available at pharmacists; the MHPRA is recommending that progestogen-only pills Lovima 75 and Hana 75, containing desogestrel, ‘a synthetic form of the female sex hormone progesterone’, should ‘be reclassified for sale over the counter’ (‘Pill at the till: contraceptive could be sold over the counter in “landmark” shake-up’, Telegraph, February, 13, 2021).


Michelle Riddalls, chief executive of PABG, ‘which represents over the counter medicines manufacturers’ called the move “‘a landmark opportunity in women’s health and one which we hope will be viewed positively”’, however, it came after pressure from manufacturers Maxellia and HRA Pharma, and although contraceptive pills are not medicine – in fact, women have to be healthy to be made unhealthy by them

- it will certainly be ‘a landmark opportunity’ to make more profits for the manufacturers of this ‘medicine’ for the healthy. Despite this, the NHS makes clear to under-16s that they can pop ‘POP’ pills despite the law on consent, and despite all the attendant health risks.


Perhaps in future, in response to similar pressure from manufacturers, as well as the morning-after pill and contraceptive pills, we will also see abortion pills sold over the counter. They are already being sent in the post, and when our tax coffers are suffering even more from the effects of ‘too many old people’, we will also see lethal pills sold to the elderly (or, if they cannot make it to the pharmacy, to their – er – loved ones). It would make sense, since logically speaking death control must always follow birth control.