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A prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for help

A prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for help

Holy Virgin of Fatima, in your great love and compassion for us, you came to Fatima to warn us of the spiritual and temporal dangers to which our sins have exposed us.

We have half heartedly believed you, if not totally ignored you, and now we see clearly the just punishment of God on our very doorstep.  Relying on your word, we know it is never too late to turn to the compassionate Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

We are afraid, dear Mother, and we come to you asking for faith and Christian fortitude to face the unknown. 

We are uncertain, dear Mother, and we come to you knowing that you can strengthen our hope and obtain for us the wine of prudence.

We recognize that our fear and uncertainty has generated diverse views and even divisions among us and so we beg you, Our Mother, to obtain for us that charity by which we can love God unconditionally, and each other with true justice, and ourselves with due temperance.

As the world falls into the encroaching darkness, O most holy Virgin of Fatima, take us, our families and our loved ones under your protection. Defend us from our deadly enemy who seeks to rob us of our Holy Faith and of eternal life.  Protect us from those worldly forces that even now threaten our physical wellbeing.  Obtain for us, O Mother, grace to, courageously and generously, embrace the sufferings that the Good Lord, in His mercy, will send us for His great glory that, in this way, we may not only hasten the coming triumph of your Immaculate Heart but also contribute something towards the salvation of souls.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us

Immaculate Heart of Mary, triumph and reign over us.

O Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Our Guardian Angels, watch over us, lead us and defend us.