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He enlightens all those who come to Him

So far our Lord is speaking of His divinity; He’s now in the second part of His discourse going to speak about His humanity. In the beginning of St. John’s gospel we heard ‘…in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God…’, we read that ‘…the word was life and the word was the light of men, and that he enlightens all those who come to him…’. We read that ‘…the word was made flesh and he dwelt amongst us…’. Then we read whilst Moses gave us the law, it is Christ who gives us truth and grace.

Primary educators: parents or the state? Home education in England

Antonia Robinson at the Family Life International's 2016 Conference reflects on the state of education in the United Kingdom with a focus on home education.  

An estimate 50,000 school-aged children in England and Wales are home educated.  For many Catholic families, home education offers the chance to give their children an authentically Catholic education and enhance their family life.

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