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Fr. Linus Clovis - Our Lady and the Signs of the Times | Conference 2014

Our Lady and the Signs of the Times After obtaining a doctorate in Mathematics from London University, Fr. Clovis entered the seminary, studied Theology and Canon Law at the Angelicum University in Rome and was ordained by Blessed John Paul II in 1983. A committed pro-life activist, Fr. Clovis was a lone voice in resisting the St. Lucia Government’s legalisation of abortion. He is currently the Director of the Secretariat for Family and Life in St. Lucia and the Spiritual Director of FLI and has spoken at numerous international conferences.

Prof. Emanuela Marinelli - Mysteries of the Turin Shroud Revealed | FLI Conference 2014

Mysteries of the Turin Shroud Revealed Emanuela Marinelli is a graduate in the Natural and Geological Sciences and has taught at both secondary and university levels, her areas of specialization being Iconography, Christian Symbolism and Sindonology - the study of the Shroud of Turin. As an internationally recognised expert, she has lectured in over 25 countries, taken part in various broadcasts and telecasts and has written extensively on the Shroud. She is also the author of fifteen books, which have been widely translated.

Dame Colleen Bayer - Eugenics of Handicapped Vs Missionaries of Love | FLI Conference 2014

Eugenics of Handicapped Vs Missionaries of Love Started Family Life International New Zealand 22 years ago, under the guidance and inspiration of the great Fr. Paul Marx OSB. She was knighted for her Pro-life work and dedication to mothers and their babies. Colleen has extensive experience in the management of Pro-life centres and has opened four John Paul II centres for Life which among others things cares for parents who have been given an adverse diagnosis for their pre born child.

Andy Pollard - Climbing out of the Abyss | FLI Conference 2014

Climbing out of the Abyss Andy Pollard is a Management Consultant and advisor on the effects population control has on the economy and the market. Andy has spoken in a number of forums around the world on the catastrophic effects of depopulation and an ageing population. He also focuses on the impact of beliefs and behaviour on the world around us, and how societies like ours can become crippled and die with the wrong sort of “religion”.

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