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Fr Langridge - Evangelisation and the Year of Faith | FLI Conference 2013

Fr. Stephen Langridge - Evangelisation and the Year of Faith Fr. Stephen Langridge will examine what is meant by the term 'evangelisation' and its relevance to the Year of Faith. He will include an explanation of the term 'New Evangelization' and demonstrate its importance for our engagement as disciples of Christ. He will also explain its relevance to the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life in the Church today.

Hugh Owen - Evangelisation | FLI Conference 2013

"A New Evangelization for the public Square" The convert son of a former Secretary General of IPPF, Hugh serves as Director of the Kolbe Center for the study of Creation. Drawing on his experience as a director of religious education, author of Catechetical materials, parish director of prison ministry and organizer of evangelization projects, hugh will present a blueprint for a new evangelization that uses 21st century natural science to speak powerfully to the hearts & minds of contemporary men & women.

Fr. Linus Clovis - Domestic church | FLI Conference 2013

Fr. Linus "The Family as the Domestic Church" Fr. Clovis is the director of the Secretariat for Family & Life , the Spiritual Director of FLI & author of the book "Biblical Search for the Church Christ Founded". Fr. Clovis's talk will articulate how the basic unit of the Church, the family is where the call to holiness and apostolic mission are first heard. The family is the original seminary where vocations sprout and are sheltered until they grow sturdy enough to bear fruit in the world.

Ann Carus | FLI Conference 2013

Dr Anne Carus "A Catholic Approach to Infertility Treatment" Dr Anne Carus is a medical specialist in infertility and NaproTechnology, trained at the Pope Paul VI Institute, Omaha, USA with the support of the LIFE charity. She works as a physician providing pro-life medicine. Her presentation entitled "A Catholic Approach to Infertility Treatment". Anne is presenting on issues of infertility and the morality of IVF technology and the alternatives including Natural Family Planning and NaproTechnology.

Claude Newbury | FLI Conference 2012

Dr Claude Newbury together with his wife Glenys, has devoted 35 years to propagating and defending the Culture of Life. They have together given more than 6000 talks. Claude founded The Catholic Doctors Guild of southern Africa and served as National President of Pro-Life South Africa for 25 years and Human Life International South Africa for 15 years. In 1992, Fr Paul Marx, in an HLI Award designated them "The couple who had done the most to defend human life around the world".

Joel Bockrath | FLI Conference 2012

The Myth of Over Population Joel Bockrath is the Executive Vice President of the Population Research Institute (PRI). Joel and his Wife, Mary Elizabeth, are the parents of six children. Joel, together with Steve Mosher, run PRI which is a leading non-profit research group whose goals include the exposure of the myth of overpopulation and the humans rights abuses committed in population control programs. PRI makes the case that people are the world’s greatest resource. PRI is a member of the FLI group with a global network in over 30 countries.

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