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Marie Stopes, contender for child health award?

Marie Stopes, contender for child health award?

Following a survey showing ‘that one in 10 women never check their breasts regularly for cancer’, the Telegraph looked at ‘how the pandemic has impacted women's health’; we were told that ‘[r]eproductive health has been affected too. According to a report by Marie Stopes International, 1.9 million fewer women around the globe were able to access their services between January and June, in comparison to 2019. The organisation predicts this will lead to 900,000 unintended pregnancies, 1.5 million unsafe abortions, and more than 3,000 maternal deaths.’ Apparently, MSI ‘puts this down to three key factors; a reduced availability of abortion services;the requirement for these services remaining the same; and barriers to accessing services. During the initial restrictions in March, many women were confused about whether they could leave their homes to access services with just 21 per cent thinking that they were still open during lockdown’ (‘Why women are neglecting their health during the pandemic’, Telegraph online, October 26, 2020.


And yet abortions rose by a quarter during April this year, so not much evidence of women being unable to ‘access’ them – indeed, the rise was attributed to the new policy of sending abortion pills in the post, an approach almost guaranteed to raise the abortion rate.


It is very touching that Marie Stopes is so concerned about women’s ‘reproductive health’, but this is now used as code for contraception and abortion, which can damage women’s health; and the Marie Stopes abortion clinics in this country have a terrible record regarding their ‘treatment’ of women.


However, perhaps these world-famed ‘health experts’ are hoping to contend for the title of the abortion provider that has prevented most child ill health - by preventing the largest number of children. When it's a case of ‘kill or cure’, their approach is guaranteed to be 100 per cent effective.