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The Science, Morality & Safety of Vaccines - a Catholic perspective

by Pamela Acker, M.S.

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In this book, Pamela Acker answers the following questions:

  • - What lessons can history teach us about the scientific basis for vaccination and its role in the eradication of infectious diseases?
  • - What are the moral arguments for and against the current practice of vaccination and how should Catholics evaluate these arguments?
  • - What are the medical risks associated with vaccination in general and with the COVID-19 vaccine in particular?

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“The book Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective by Pamela Acker is a very timely book, arriving just when clarity is needed on the subject of vaccinations, especially in light of COVID-19.  Ms. Acker’s book provides a clear and succinct discussion, accessible to most lay people, of the nature of the vaccines, how they are derived and produced.  It also provides an analysis of the safety of the vaccinations.  The strength of the book is the precision with which she arrives at her scientific conclusions, never overstating the facts while still presenting with clarity what is truly known about the safety and efficacy of the various forms of vaccination.  For those who want a coherent presentation on the subject of vaccinations in a readable and accessible text, I highly recommend this book.”

Fr. Chad Ripperger, Ph.D.


“An incisive, eye-opening and informative presentation of the science underpinning the concept, development and impact of vaccination programmes: facts and fallacies. An important discourse for those who are vaccine hesitant but a must read for vaccine advocates, policy makers and government enablers.”

Dr. Christopher J Clovis Ph.D. B.Sc. B.Ed.


“As a practicing family physician, I foresee that the book will be a very useful guide for anyone with an interest in the subject of immunization.  Pamela Acker takes the very complex subject of the human immune system and vaccination and explains it in a well-organized, simple manner that even non-medical persons can understand. Immunization has become a dogma of the current healthcare system that is in desperate need of repair from an authentically Catholic perspective. I highly recommend this timely publication.”

Jeffrey J. Starre, MD (27 years in private practice)


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Call +44 208 857 9950 or email to order a copy today.